Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Don't touch me there

Another Tuesday evening, another game of Touch although this one passed me by somewhat. One of those games where for whatever reason I struggled to get involved and at the end of it didn’t really feel like I’d had a proper workout. Partly it was down to the opposition being too damned quick – certainly the quickest team in the competition. It meant that once they’d created a gap that was it - they were off and there was no chance of catching them (so no point in trying). And there were plenty of gaps in our defence as usual. A bit of showboating on their part didn’t help my mood either – arrogant gits.

As you might have gathered we lost (not entirely sure what the final score was – we scored 3 and conceded 8 or 9 at a guess) and I’m not the greatest of losers. Actually it’s not losing that I mind so much – it’s losing and not feeling able to do much about it that I hate. I came away last night feeling like I’d done nothing to influence events at all – my own fault for not trying to impose myself more I guess but for the first time since I started playing Touch last year I really didn’t enjoy it.

Moan, moan, moan…I suppose it could have been worse. Just think of poor old England in South Africa…

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