Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Touch too much

It turns out our Touch season didn't start last week as I'd thought, so our 9-7 defeat didn't count in the overall competition. What's more, last night we were up against the same oppo as last week, knowing they'd be mightily pissed off if we managed to sneak a win against them this time.

Sadly it wasn't to be as we succumbed 7-2. Ultimately they had improved more than we had. We did ok in the first half, defended pretty well and went in 3-1 down thanks only to a couple of very dodgy refereeing decisions it must be said. However the second half was largely one-way traffic and we were very ragged.

One of the problems we've got this year is having too many young 'uns in the side - by "young 'uns" I mean guys of 17, 18 etc who, whilst much fitter than the rest of us, are so keen that they want to be on the field for the full 40 minutes.

Touch, for the uninitiated, is 20 minutes each way and it's pretty much non-stop. With only six-a-side (including two women at all times) and played on half a pitch it is extremely hard work especially when up against pacey opposition. The one saving grace is that we're allowed to use rolling substitutions and the sensible among us (i.e. the older geezers) know when to take a breather and sub ourselves off. The younger lads (and lasses) seem to think there's something dishonourable with admitting that they're tired with the result that after a while they're all over the place in terms of positioning, especially defensively. We certainly need a couple more of the older heads back to steady the ship.

One consolation is that I crossed for the final try, getting on the end of a move where for once we actually held on to the ball and passed to hand. The fact is I actually let the ball slip from my grasp when trying to ground it (it was a wet evening, honestly!) but I reckon the referee decided to even out some of his earlier gaffes...

Plenty to work on next week...

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