Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Campaign for nonchalant try celebrations

One of my favourite websites, The East Terrace, has introduced a new award to celebrate nonchalant try celebrations.

The East Terrace is, quite rightly in my view, fed up with the increasingly common site of players doing ridiculous swan dives when they score a try (and all of the accompanying soccer-style celebrations), and yearns for the era in which Gareth Edwards merely trotted back to half-way after scoring arguably the greatest try of all time for the Barbarians against the All Blacks in 1973.

For an example of a swan dive gone badly wrong see below:

And compare that to the understated response to the Edwards 1973 effort:

The East Terrace has therefore created The Mike Pyke Nonchalant Try Scoring Award, named after Canadian fullback Mike Pyke whose 90 metre try and celebration recently against the All Blacks was the epitome of understatement. My congratulations to Mike for being the first recipient of the award and my support to the East Terrace for bringing this vital issue to our attention.

Check out the Mike Pyke try below and click here to read the full East Terrace article.

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