Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Damp to the Touch

I’ve never particularly subscribed to the myth that time passes more quickly the older you get, but the speed at which Tuesday evenings seem to come and go is getting quite alarming. No sooner do I finish moaning about one inept performance on the Touch Rugby field than another fixture appears around the corner.

I always say that there’s nothing like playing Touch with the sun on your back – and last night was nothing like playing Touch with the sun on your back. After a gloriously warm sunny day the clouds were gathering ominously as we arrived for our match and kick off was greeted by a few large spots of rain and a distant rumble of thunder. By half time it was chucking it down and the second half was played out in near-monsoon conditions accompanied by jagged flashes of lightning. Bizarrely enough, as soon as the game ended the rain came to an abrupt halt as if someone had just turned off the tap.

Spectacular, yes, but dry it wasn’t. My t-shirt ended up plastered to my body in a grotesque parody of a modern-day tight-fitting international shirt, my boots squelched on the insides and when it came to driving home afterwards it was a question of deciding what I could safely strip off without getting myself arrested for indecent exposure.

As to the game itself, surprisingly it went much better than in previous weeks. Admittedly the opposition weren’t that great aside from a couple of kiwis who were savvy enough to work out where our weaknesses were and good enough to exploit them, but we communicated well in defence and showed a bit more attacking nous than usual. Final score was an 8-6 defeat and if we hadn’t switched off a couple of times and conceded tries immediately after scoring ourselves we might just have sneaked a win.

The fact that both sides managed to cope with near impossible conditions and that the game was played in a great spirit made it an enjoyable, albeit very soggy, experience.

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