Thursday, 21 June 2007

The other is in the Albert Hall...

A biography of Jonny Wilkinson in Wikipedia reveals a fairly startling "fact" about the man. In amongst the list of trivia about him such as:

  • He has the American basketball player Michael Jordan's autograph, addressed to Jonny with a 'h'; and

  • His favourite film is The Matrix; and

  • Jonny has stated that if he were to have a superpower, he would want X-ray vision;
is the statement that

  • Due to a fishing accident in Jonny's youth, he now only has one testicle.
What? Can this be true? If it is then you have to ask how unlucky can this guy be? I guess, if he had to deal with that as a boy, it could put into perspective how mentally tough he's proved to be in battling back from the litany of injuries he's suffered since 2003. And how big a hook must he have been using for it to cause that kind of damage? Just thinking about it brings on a mental wince and an involuntary crossing of legs.

I suspect, however, that this revelation is no more than mischief making by a Wikipedia member who has added this "fact" to the biography. That it is in the middle of an article that otherwise appears to be factually accurate does lend it some credence, but the statement is not sourced at all and indeed Wikipedia itself concludes that the biography, as a whole, fails because it is not well referenced.

Shame really. Not because I'd wish that on anyone but because it could only add to the myth and the legend of Superjonny.

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