Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Touch of madness

Tuesday night, and I'm writing this somewhat knackered. I did an hour's slog in the gym this morning followed by a hard game of touch rugby this evening - who am I trying to kid? Clearly I'm delusional if I think my creaking joints can manage this level of abuse, especially as I did have to work extremely hard in tonight's game scrambling to plug the gaps in our increasingly leaky defence.

For the record we took another caning - this week it was 13-4. That wouldn't be too bad a score if the opposition were something special but they really weren't. They had one or two good players but we really should have been able to match them. Our problems stem from our defending which is both lazy and lacking in any common sense. We're happy enough charging forward with ball in hand but when it comes to defending we leave too many mismatches, allowing opposition quickies a run at our slower players and we're way too static and way too quiet (I did try to organise and be vocal but, to be honest, breathing was the main priority).

Surprisingly tonight's game was also a bit niggly. I don't know the ins and outs, but one of the opposition apparently had a history with one or two of our lads and there were a few touches that were a little bit more forceful that perhaps they should have been. It all culminated in a fairly unseemly scuffle at the end of the game when the said opposition player swung an arm at one of our guys who responded pretty physically. Handbags really, but it added a bit of spice to the evening's proceedings.

So, pulling out some positives to make my glass half-full:
  • the punch-up was fairly entertaining;
  • the weather was great;
  • I enjoyed my post-match beer; and
  • tonight's result left us with 1 win from 5 and with 2 matches remaining it looks very much like we'll be competing for the wooden spoon this year - so at least there'll be something to play for!

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