Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Do you wanna touch?

Another case of mix and match at touch rugby this evening and this week I found myself helping to make up the numbers in the team that I played against last week.

The advantage of that was that they had a couple of kiwis in their line up who clearly knew what they were doing – great going forward and excellent communication – with the result that I really enjoyed myself out there. For once the conditions were absolutely perfect – sunny, warm and firm underfoot, with the result that the quality of play was much improved.

I grabbed a few tries by getting on the end of others' hard work and even supplied a couple of comedy moments. Put away on halfway, my fifteen metre burst of pace predictably failed to shake off the pursuit of a very quick (honestly, he was greased lightning) teen who then completely failed to fall for my slow down and speed up routine and caught me easily as I collapsed in a heap. Then, minutes later, I intercepted the ball more or less on our line and set off on what should have been a stroll to the try line except that the self same stupidly determined kid once more set off in pursuit and soon narrowed the gap. My only recourse was to employ evasion tactics with the result that I ran round in a complete circle before my team mates belatedly realised that I could do with some support and I was able to offload to someone quicker to score the try.

Great fun and a really good workout too as dwindling numbers meant fewer opportunities to rest. It seems that there’ll be another touch session next week before I have to decide whether to get involved in pre-season, and anything that delays that decision has to be good news.

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