Sunday, 22 July 2007

French kiss-off

The latest advertisement by the Regional Tourism Committee of Paris, aimed at attracting us Brits to its fair city, features an image of rugby players kissing in a scrum and seems to be causing a bit of a stir.

I guess the message is that, as well as being the focal point of the Rugby World Cup this autumn, Paris is also still the capital city of romance, but perhaps you need to be French to really "get" the message or the humour.

Don't get me wrong - I don't find the picture at all offensive (as I'm sure some people do) and, to a degree, I can appreciate its humour, but as an advertising campaign my considered opinion is that it's pretty crap. Who, for instance, are they attempting to appeal to? The gay community? The rugby crowd? Brits in general? And would an image of kissing rugby players convince you that Paris was the place to visit?

Personally I doubt this works for anyone but the fact that we're talking about the campaign means that it's well on the way to succeeding, whatever its motives or merits.

Having said that, how utterly French is all this?


Ferdy said...

Hey Total Flanker. I really enjoy reading your blog - even though I'm a NZer and I know you're not that keen on us! Have you checked out the gingerbread haka? I haven't got it up on my site because some people do find it a bit offensive but I thought you probably would like to add it to yours as I've noticed you're quite interested in the haka and the different variations of people taking the mickey out of it.
Can I add the caveat that I (like every NZer) loves the haka. But I do appreciate that sometimes the ABs may take themselves a bit too seriously with it and look a bit panto. (just google gingerbread haka - you'll find it!)

Total Flanker said...

Hi Ferdy
Seriously, I've got nothing against NZers at all and rate the All Blacks enormously - it's just sanctimonous idiots like Graham Henry who get on my tits!

And many thanks for the lead on the gingerbread haka - expect to see it on the site soon...