Monday, 9 July 2007

I fought the law...

As I've previously mentioned, I last played full-contact rugby back in 1994, and there's no doubt that in many ways I miss playing, which is why from time to time I contemplate making a foolhardy comeback. However, as much as I miss being part of a team and the camaraderie and banter that entails, my bouts of nostalgic melancholia pale into insignificance when set alongside the case of former Llanelli player Dale Burn's reaction to retirement.

Last week a court heard how Burn, who had been forced to retire following a road accident, had missed the excitement of big games to such an extent that he decided to try his hand at burglary, and got away with cigarettes worth over £4,000 after breaking into a Spar supermarket in Blaenavon and, 3 months later, an off-licence in Worcester.

Sadly for Dale, his new career crashed and burned after he managed to cut his hand at both crime scenes , leaving traces of his DNA (I've seen CSI, I know how it works!).

Apparently he didn't turn to a life of crime for financial gain, having been paid over £100,000 in compensation for his injuries, but instead did it for the "buzz". Burn is now awaiting sentencing by a judge at Newport Crown Court.

So, a word of warning to anyone out there who is thinking of retiring - you might find that you miss the adrenaline more than you think. You should therefore consider taking up bungee-jumping, or para-gliding or, if you really want to live dangerously, become a referee.

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