Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Wales in a spin

This is not a wind up. Apparently the Welsh preparations for the Rugby World Cup have been disrupted by their veteran forward, Colin Charvis, being unable to attend their summer training camp in Brittany because he is suffering from vertigo.

The big-haired flanker, it seems, wasn’t well enough to fly out to Brittany with the Welsh squad.

Fly out? To Brittany? A short hop on the ferry or via Euro tunnel could have done the trick surely? No, my theory is that the Welsh props have been pumping far too much iron in the close season with the result that they’re lifting their lineout jumpers far too high, and poor old Colin can’t cope. Either that or he’s struggling to come to terms with his meteoric rise back into the Wales squad from the Newcastle Falcons scrap heap.

Sticking with bizarre goings-on in Wales, the Western Mail this week ran an article linking the Welsh chances at the Rugby World Cup with the style of hairdo sported by iconic tango man Gavin Henson. Apparently Henson’s new hairstyle is surprisingly normal, giving rise to speculation that he is low on confidence.

Henson, the article speculates, plays more aggressively the spikier his hair is, and the new hairdo has hairdressing experts “foxed”.

Accepting that the article was very tongue-in-cheek and quite apart from the fact that the orange one has been rubbish for the best part of two years, something tells me this might have been a slow news day?

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