Thursday, 27 September 2007

All Aboard the Bandwagon

Losing next to no time in cashing in on the success of Sebastian "Sea Bass" Chabal at this World Cup, his club Sale Sharks have rushed out a new edition t-shirt to the "Chabal Merchandise Range" which, naturally enough, will be available via the club shop.

The t-shirt, featuring a "fantastic caricature"of Chabal dressed as a Caveman, is, we're told, due in store on Friday 5th October and we're assured that, at only £15.00, it's "a cheap and fun addition to your wardrobe."

No doubt it would represent tremendous value if the caricature bore even the slightest resemblance to Chabal, but personally I can't see too many Sale or French fans parting with their hard-earned cash so that they can strut around Manchester or Paris sporting a picture of a cross between a young Clement Freud and Ming the Merciless on their chests.

Or am I just being a bit picky?

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Rucker said...

He also became blog editor (in french)!