Friday, 21 September 2007

Auntie in trouble again

For those of you following the shenanigans at the BBC in recent months, where the results of a variety of phone-in competitions have been admitted to having been faked, it will come as absolutely no surprise to know that the controversy surrounding our favourite Auntie has now extended to the world of rugby.

Despite not having the rights to the Rugby World Cup for the 5th time in succession (1987 being the last time the RWC was shown on the Beeb) the BBC did manage to get in on the act by screening a few of the UK-based warm up matches in August, including the match between Ireland and Italy in Belfast.

'Man of the match' that day was Ulster flanker Neil Best. No problem there, I here you say, Best is a fine player and put in one of his typical barnstorming performances. The problem arises however because the person awarding the accolade was TV commentator Ryan Constable. Constable also happens to be a rugby agent, representing several top flight players one of whom is, yes you guessed it, Neil Best.

As Neil Best said: "The award didn't make me feel any better because my agent (Ryan Constable) was commentating for the BBC and he made the decision.

"He's obviously trying to secure another few years for me. And yes, I will be retaining his services, but don't tell him that because I want to keep him on his toes."

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