Sunday, 23 September 2007

Dunderhead of the Week

Yesterday I, and millions of other rugby fans, witnessed the singularly most inept performance at this year's Rugby World Cup. Yes, even worse than the performance of England's Shaun Perry against South Africa were the efforts by ITV anchor man Jim Rosenthal to get Martin Johnson to sing the praises of Jonny Wilkinson after yesterday's England v Samoa match.

"Wasn't Jonny just fantastic", was the gist of Rosenthal's questioning, and when Johnson pointed out that actually no, Wilkinson hadn't won the game single-handedly, Rosenthal's line of questioning subtly switched tack to "But what an impact Jonny Wilkinson made on the game". Unsurprisingly Johnson stuck to his guns, pointing out that it was the forwards who laid the foundations for the win and that there were more than a few kicks out of defence by Wilkinson that were more than a bit iffy, but a late intervention by Francois Piennaar saved Rosenthal's blushes and confirmed that yes, after all, Wilkinson had an absolutely wonderful game.

That Rosenthal's next words were something along the lines of "Martin Corry - Superhero" tell you all that you need to know about this man's depth of rugby knowledge.

The only challenger to Jim Rosenthal for the all-new Total Flanker "Dunderhead of the Week" award is the official who allowed Scotland and New Zealand to play each other this afternoon wearing virtually identical kit. A combination of black and grey playing a combination of dark navy blue and off-white was difficult enough to follow on the TV and therefore must have been a nightmare for the referee (although I guess that he could have insisted that one of the teams change their shirts, or wear bibs, or play in skins!).

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sportsfreak said...

Nothing can come close to the "Dunderhead of the Week" award when compared to that horrendous sea of grey at Murrayfield overnight. Sometimes you hope the RWC is a proper professional tournament and then somthing like that comes along.

We won't put up with that kind of rubbish in 2011 :)

No wonder the game was such rubbish.