Saturday, 8 September 2007

Lessons learned?

We found out very little today about how New Zealand and Australia might fare in this Rugby World Cup. New Zealand dismissed Italy with ease, way too much ease from any Italian point of view, and Australia completed the expected rout of Japan with little fuss.

What we did learn though, if we ever had any doubts, was that England are light years away from being close to mounting any credible challenge for the RWC title. On the strength of their performance against the USA they are due one almighty stuffing from the Springboks next Friday and have a fair to middling chance of being turned over by the Samoans a week later. Earlier this evening I began drafting a damning report of England's efforts against the USA but half way through thought "what's the point?" It really was that bad.

What troubles me is that I'm not all that upset or angry - just resigned to expecting mediocrity.

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