Thursday, 20 September 2007

Old Spice

The highlight of Saturday afternoon is unlikely to be happening in Nantes (unless you're Samoan). No, it looks like the pace to be will be Windsor Rugby Club where the 2nd Annual Windsor Rugby Vets Tournament will take place.

I must say it all looks very impressively organised. With bacon rolls on offer from 12 noon, a beer festival kicking off at 1pm, a steak, ribs and chicken barbecue on the go from 2pm and a curry evening starting at 6pm, I'm not sure how they plan to squeeze in the rugby but I daresay they'll manage it.

They also have BBC Radio Five Live broadcasting from the club in the lead up to and including
the England v Samoa game, with Brian Moore hopefully sticking around to present the Vets trophies. Add the Reading Belles Cheerleaders to the mix and it does sound like the place to be.

A shame therefore that, despite currently being included in the playing schedule, Chesham won't be attending. I'm not entirely sure why, something to do with the payment of a deposit I understand, but from a personal perspective it's disappointing as it looks like the ideal introduction to Vets' rugby - i.e. plenty of food and beer with a bit of rugby thrown in for good measure.

Click here for more information on the event.

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