Monday, 3 September 2007


The Port Elizabeth Herald reports that the Nelson Mandela Bay traffic department were forced over the weekend to deny reports that its traffic officers were “brushing up their rugby skills during peak hours”.

This follows a story published by the Herald on Friday in which a reader complained about traffic officers playing touch rugby during peak hours at Maitlands Beach last week. The Herald quoted the reader as saying: “They were playing, and when they noticed me they stopped. I find it rather interesting that while people violate traffic rules every day during peak hours, traffic officials are brushing up their touch rugby skills. We never see them on the roads. We now know where to go when we want to see them.”

The official version of events is that the traffic department have had a select group of officers undergoing pre-screening tests for a VIP protection training course, part of which involves a series of physical assessments which were conducted at various locations, including Maitlands Beach.

Yeah, right.

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