Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Pub grub

Back to the stories that matter at the 2007 Rugby World Cup...

Today's Daily Mirror reports that the Tongan squad popped into the Fusion Inn pub in Lymington, Hampshire last week and consumed 30 chickens, 60lbs of roast lamb, 60lbs of beef, 30lbs of pasta and 30lbs of salad.

They then apparently asked for more and the pub had to send out for £25 worth of chips from a nearby chippie.

Pub manager Shannon Van Dreven (undoubtedly from the Hampshire Van Drevens) apparently commented: "When all the players moved in to fill their plates at the same time the room went dark - it was like a total eclipse of the sun.

"They didn't want any pudding, I think they were on a strict diet," she added.

Now there's something about this story that just doesn't ring true...

30lbs of salad?

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