Saturday, 8 September 2007

Vive La France?

Ooops! Le chat est vraiment parmi les pigeons maintenant.

So, when I said in my Rugby World cup preview that I thought France would win the tournament, what I really meant was that I thought Professor Bernard Laporte's men had absolutely no chance.

Obviously I neglected to remember what an awkward bunch of mongrels the Argentinians are, and I certainly did not anticipate that the French would be so awful.

It's not all over for France, at least not yet. Remember England lost their opening game to new Zealand in 1991 and still made the final. France could even still win the pool - it's still feasible that they could beat Ireland, and the Irish are capable of beating the Argies, leaving a three-way tie at the top with the number of tries or points difference (as I forecast in my preview) deciding who goes through.

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