Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Welcome to the 150th post on Total Flanker. I'd like to declare this a happy occasion but, delighted and amazed as I am by England's unlikely, nay impossible, march to the final of the Rugby World Cup, there is, I'm afraid to say, one major downside to this whole experience...

Reports suggest that England World Cup replica shirts (you know, the ones with the giant obscenity of a Nike ketchup swoosh across the middle) have now sold out, that it is now impossible for fans to get hold of a shirt, either from the RFU shop or from high street retailers, and that Nike will not be able to produce any more before Saturday's final.

Now, I've touched on this subject before and yet, despite my advice, people are still buying this abomination of a "rugby" shirt in their tens of thousands. I can only surmise that the English public have been infected with a combination of foot & mouth, blue tongue disease and collective hysteria, all of which have combined to cause critical taste blindness. Either that or the shirts have been snapped up by recent converts from football to whom these over-priced rags are the height of sartorial elegance.

I hate to think about what will happen if England actually win on Saturday...hundreds of thousands of 2007 "special edition" Champions shirts hitting the marketplace and middle-aged men up and down the land displaying their cultivated beer bellies beneath the skin-tight ketchup swoosh.

Please, people, think about what you're doing. Not only are you putting vast sums of money into the undeserving coffers of the RFU, you are also effectively endorsing their policy of bringing out a new shirt every five minutes and encouraging the idiots in the Nike design department to come up with ever more imbecilic design ideas.

Here endeth the lesson :)

PS - I see that All Blacks 2007 Rugby World Cup replica shirts are now more or less half price (ooops...I know, I know, I promised to stop gloating!)


Sportsfreak said...

"I see that All Blacks 2007 Rugby World Cup replica shirts are now more or less half price "

True; and you can't give away the horrible grey-beige ones.

Stuey said...

And what's with those white and red socks? Shocking, truly shocking.