Saturday, 20 October 2007

Initial observations on the Rugby World Cup Final

Firstly, congratulations to South Africa - you were the strongest and most consistent team throughout the tournament and, although you didn't exactly set the final alight, you were mostly in control and deserved your win.

Secondly, Stuart Dickinson - as the TMO you got at least half a dozen opportunities to look at Cueto's try. To the naked eye it was 50/50 but, to my eye, the replays showed it was a try and how you didn't give it is just astonishing. I'm not saying England would have gone on to win, but it would have been interesting to see how South Africa coped with the pressure that the correct decision would have brought.

Thirdly, well done Matthew Tait - tonight you really came of age as an international player. Given the last four years it would be rash to make predictions, but with the likes of Tait, Flood and Hipkiss around for the next few years, English backplay looks in rude health.

Fourthly, thank you France for hosting a superb tournament. Shame about the pathetic Cardiff and Edinburgh sideshows, but the rest of the competition on French soil was totally compelling from beginning to end.

Finally, on to 2011 and New Zealand - you've an incredibly tough act to follow but don't you dare try to reduce the format to 16 teams.

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Guto said...

That's a still from the TV footage used to make the decision. Should put your mind at ease that the decision was correct