Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Eden parked

The Chief Executive of one of New Zealand's largest building firms has said that unless a decision is made soon over which construction company will win the contract to upgrade Eden Park (artist's impression pictured), no company will be able to deliver a completed stadium in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

New Zealand was awarded the hosting rights for the event in 2005, conditional upon a commitment to upgrade Eden Park to an International Rugby Board-mandated minimum capacity of 60,000.

The delay appears to be the result of arguments over who will pay the NZ$190 million costs, with Auckland city mayor John Banks fighting against Auckland ratepayers having to foot the bill.

So here's a question: Does New Zealand want this World Cup or not? Because the way things are going (and remember they've already had 2 years to start preparing) we're going to be faced with watching a tournament stripped of its minnows (if the 16 team rumour turns out to be true) in inadequate or incomplete stadia, and with no means of getting to the stadia (assuming of course that we've found somewhere to stay).

Here's another question: Does anyone have the phone number for the President of the Japanese RFU?


sportsfreak said...

TF, it saddens me to say this as a New Zealander, but you are onto it here.

This parody, written over a year ago still holds true.


Total Flanker said...

Excellent spoof!

I must admit that, after all the hard work in being awarded the tournament (and all the criticism surrounding the award), it's amazing that the powers that be in NZ aren't busting a gut to make it a spectucular success and prove all the doubters wrong.

Still, who am I to talk? It's more than possible that us Brits will more than match your nation's ineptitude with our attempted hosting of the 2012 Olympics!

Sprotsfreak said...

Yeah; I thought you’d like seeing those Morris dancers….:)

I’ve got no idea why we just can’t do something simple. But the WC disaster hasn’t helped. “The RWC is just a waste of time anyway” etc..

Not sure Japan could do it at short notice; more likely SA IMHO.