Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Eggs in one basket?

Hot on the tail of the appointment of kiwi Robbie Deans as the new Australian coach comes the news that the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) has decided to scrap its national domestic competition after just one year because it racked up millions of dollars in losses.

According to the ARU continuing the competition "would be fiscally irresponsible."

When launched only last year the eight-team competition was touted as a way to revitalise rugby union in Australia, being seen as a bridge between club rugby and the Super 14.

The ARU has said that the championship ran two million dollars over budget in its first year and financial predictions showed it was set to lose 3.3 million dollars in its second season, which would of course mean that the ARU would be unable to pay Robbie Deans his rumoured salary of 1 million dollars per year.

One thing you have to ask is how the competition lost so much money - presumably someone at the ARU had responsibility for the budget?

It also begs the question - is the ARU putting all its eggs in one basket by employing Robbie Deans to coach the national team at the expense of developing a broader playing base?

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Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby said...

TF - you might feel we're not getting riled up enough about the coach, but I can assure you this has pissed everyone off.

Australia painfully needs a national comp to feed S14 and shitcanning this after just one year is very short-sighted. Revamp and scale it down all you need, but killing it now makes all that investment a waste as well as kicking the fans in the nuts.

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PS - Deans is actually getting paid $500k/yr, the million was a rumour. Knuckles Connolly got $350k