Thursday, 31 January 2008

Blackheath Bengal

Blackheath Rugby Club are set to launch a not-so-secret weapon on Launceston in the 5th round of the EDF National Trophy this weekend.

NFL linebacker and wannabe televsion personality Dhani Jones is in England making a US travel series and asked Blackheath if he could film a typical English rugby club in action on and off the field, with the somewhat inevitable consequence that, three training sessions later, he finds himself on the bench for Saturday's game.

According to coach Harvey Biljon, Jones will probably get five or ten minutes off the bench in Cornwall.

“Because Dhani is a defensive lineman, his catching and passing are the things we need to work on," Bijon said. “All being well, he will come on the field as a flanker. I don’t think it will make much difference whether it’s blindside or openside. We just have to make sure that when he hits someone it is an opponent who has got the ball and that he’s notrunning an illegal blocking move.”

At 6ft 1in and just over 17 stone, Cincinatti Bengal Jones is ideally built for blindside where (far be it for me to suggest) his inability to catch the ball might be better hidden. Jones will also hope to have picked up a few tips on the game from Martin Johnson, with whom he attended Leicester's match against Newcastle last weekend, although sitting on his other side was Austin Healy - so really anything could happen.

Healy will no doubt have been impressed with the story that Jones was once arrested by Miami police for dancing in the street outside a South Beach nightclub, all of which bodes well for a great night out in Launceston at the weekend.


Cormac said...

Excellent! Do post if you ever hear of this programme being on UK telly.

Nursedude said...

I often wonder what if a really decent all around NFL athlete like Ray Lewis or Brian Urlacher could have done as a rugby player(Lewis was also an excellent wrestler, a state champ in high school)