Monday, 28 January 2008

NZ police suffer sense of humour failure

Wellington police appear to have suffered a massive sense of humour failure and have outlawed the wearing of Borat style swimming costumes at the IRB Sevens event taking place in the city this weekend.

"It's a family event and there will be children there," an officer said on New Zealand television today, appealing to fans to have "a sense of decency".

So, with fun strictly off the agenda, it looks like the spectators might have to just watch the rugby, which really defeats the object of attending a sevens event...


Nursedude said...

WoW! I thought only Americans and Muslims were that prudish. Kind of a suprise that this happened in NZ, from all accounts a pretty-laid back place

sportsfreak said...


This is a media beat-up. The only people complaining are the state-owned media covering the event.

The cynic in us thinks it's a way in hyping up the event (if it needs it)

I seriously hope there will be plenty (of females) in mankinis this year.