Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Old Spice

I received an email today via the World Masters Rugby Group which reads as follows:
... My crazy father (68 years old) is feeling a little too domestic and wants to start playing [rugby]. I think he's nuts but I won't discourage him. He comes watches my games in San Antonio and is interested in learning so he can travel and play. I was telling him about all these ppportunities to travel and play in some pretty interesting locations and he likes the fact that he wont be getting his head taken off in competitive play...

I've mentioned previously how impressed I was to read about guys taking up rugby for the first time in their forties (all of them also being American as it happens), but for someone to be contemplating taking up the sport aged 68 is quite something, although I must admit I can't decide whether I think that this is a great idea or whether it's seriously mental!

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