Friday, 25 January 2008

Over and out for Rosenthal

Shocking news as, according to the Daily Mail, ITV have decided to part company with Jim Rosenthal whom the esteemed newspaper considers to be "widely regarded as the best all-round sports broadcaster in the business."

Huh? Did I miss something here? Is this the same Jim Rosenthal who, during the Rugby World Cup, showed the most blatant ignorance as to even the basics of the game and whose fawning over a frankly average performance by Jonny Wilkinson against Samoa not only provoked the displeasure of the mono-browed former England skipper Martin Johnson, it also earned him the Total Flanker Dunderhead of the Week Award.

I can only think that Rosenthal knows some dark secret about the life of the Daliy Mail's Editor, because the quality publication goes on to describe Rosenthal's performance as an "immaculate hosting of the Rugby World Cup," which proves that there's no accounting for taste and probably actually says more about the Daily Mail than anything else.

Let's face it, Rosenthal is a half-decent presenter of football and Formula 1, but has no clue about (and, I suspect, even less interest in) rugby, and the fact that he was able to anchor three Rugby World Cups on behalf of ITV is a sad indictment of the broadcaster's coverage of the tournament over the years and of rugby in general.

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