Thursday, 21 February 2008

Next game looms large

Enough already of Six Nations tittle-tattle, of tearing my hair out at England's inadequacies, of my sense of foreboding about the ELVs...

What's occupying my thoughts right now is the anticipation of another appearance by yours truly on a rugby field in Buckinghamshire this weekend, as the fourth fixture of our packed season looms large on the horizon.

Yes, on Saturday I'm off to Beaconsfield to pit my wits, my fitness and my ageing body, alongside those of my colleagues from Chesham, against the might of the local Veterans' team.

From a fitness perspective I don't really have a clear idea of where I stand - I've been a semi-regular at the gym since my last outing against High Wycombe and have also managed a few road runs but, until I have to peel myself from the mud following a pounding at the hands of the opposition pack, I won't really know what sort of shape I'm in. In the early part of the season I could assess my fitness at club training, but the inclement weather plus a need to nurse various aches and strains through the season (still struggling with a groin problem and have had a few issues with my right shoulder of late - must be an age thing) has meant that my last attendance at training was back in November. Just as well really as training for a Vet is widely regarded as tantamount to cheating.

One thing I have noticed is how much more nervous I am before playing these days. I'm sure I used to be much more relaxed before a game, unless it was an important league fixture in which case I'd have a few nerves but that was more of a case of wanting to play well and not let anyone down - whereas now it's a case of being nervous about how much it's going to hurt!

As it's my first season this century I've no idea what Beaconsfield are like as a team -I'd be surprised if they were as good as High Wycombe or Ruislip - the two teams we've faced so far - but you just never know. Hopefully we'll get that elusive first win of the season and it would be nice to feature on the scoresheet for the first time since 1993!

Who am I trying to kid? Getting through it one piece is, still, the priority.

One thing I won't be doing is charging down least not like this bloke:


Nursedude said...

Hey Flanker, I am increasing the intensity of my training too. I'm just doing old boy and B Squad matches, but I don't want to get killed or embarassed(not sure which is worse)I am shooting for the first B squad game last weekend in March. I just got some new training shoes for interval training. Good luck this weekend! I'm having my geriatric moment this weekend going with my son and his Fiancee` to see the ultrasound of my new grandchild(due in July)You may be old and creaking-but nobody's calling you "
grandpa" yet.

Total Flanker said...

Thanks Nursedude - and good luck with the grandpa thing!