Monday, 11 February 2008


What on earth, I ask, goes on in the England changing room at half time?

What is it that takes a reasonably dynamic first half performance from an English pack of forwards and turns it into a disorganised shambles for the second 40 minutes?

What causes a previously assured pair of half-backs to decide to either kick what little ball they get back to the opposition or try some ridiculous high risk move when it's obviously not on?

Why is it that England do not appear to be able to score more than 3 points in the second half?

And why, in a team already shorn of experience, does Brian Ashton think it's a good idea to start removing his team's leaders from the fray just as the brown stuff is beginning to hit the fan?

Answers on the back of a postcard please...

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sesenta y cuatro said...

At the RWC 1/4 finals the second half was brilliant.

I think that the english lack a bit of confidence.