Monday, 25 February 2008

Rugby Shorts

A few snippets from the weekend:

1. My Six Nations Fantasy Rugby team went well this weekend with Messrs Nallet, Horan and Shanklin each scoring once and Ickle Shane Williams bagging a brace.

2. Congratulations to the England Women's team for a thumping victory over their French counterparts which leaves them three fifths of the way to an unprecedented third consecutive Grand Slam.

3. Eccentric preformance of the week must go to Mr. Ian Ballsup of England. Never was a man so aptly named. On the two occasions he was called to field high kicks he disappeared without a trace and after the second occasion appeared to be screaming obscenities at his team mates. Surely it must be time now for Brian Ashton to disinherit his lovechild?

3. Total Flanker scored his first try since 1993 - more of that to follow...

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