Sunday, 9 March 2008

(Almost) lost for words...

Having taken over 24 hours or so to digest Saturday's Scotland v England game, I sat down last night and penned a long diatribe about the failings of the English performance. The words 'clueless', 'inadequate', 'dire', 'dross' and 'brainless' were liberally sprinkled throughout. I then read the piece through - and then deleted it.

I mean, what's the point in trying to explain what has been obvious for some time now - that England are essentially a team devoid of ideas, inspiration and leadership.

What I will say is this:

  • that had to be just about the worst quality game of rugby I've witnessed in a long, long time;

  • I honestly believe that it was the worst performance by England for well over 20 years (and that's saying something considering some of the dross we've been served up in recent years);

  • If Brian Ashton sticks with largely the same group of players for the Ireland match next Saturday then, whatever the result, he deserves to go, along with his coaching team.

1 comment:

Nursedude said...

Wow. I thought England might be flat against the Scots, but this is ridiculous. I think whatever good credit Ashton has from England's runner up finish at RWC 2007 might go down the toilet if they lose to the Irish in the last game.