Friday, 21 March 2008


Earlier today I received the news that tomorrow's fixture against Amersham & Chiltern Vets has been cancelled because the opposition apparently can't raise a team and, because it's Easter, we can't get another game via the fixture exchange.

I have to admit that, in football parlance, the news has left me as sick as a parrot. I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem if I played every week - in fact it would probably be a blessed relief to have a break. But, with only one scheduled fixture per month, any cancellation leaves one hell of a gap between matches and, given that I know I'm not available for our fixture in April, that pretty much leaves my season done and dusted after only four games.

The fact that it's the same club that has now cancelled on us twice (December and March) is also somewhat galling and doesn't say much for the club in question. I appreciate that it's not always easy to raise a team but we always seem to manage to do so, even if we know that the chances are that we'll suffer a drubbing.

What all this does mean is that I'm going to have to give the 2nd XV captain a call and beg for a chance to run out before the end of the season. With the Easter break involving various family commitments there are going to be precious few opportunities before the season wraps up but right now (admittedly after a few drinks) I do feel that I owe Chesham a performance that I certainly haven't delivered yet and I really don't want my season to finish on this note.


Nursedude said...

Hi Flanker, I am hoping to get a run in the B squad game this week for my Metropolis club. My work schedule has kept me from practice-but I have been lifting and working on my fitness-not the same as match fitness, I know, but it's something. Anyway, I hope the Madison club brings enough for a B squad game. I'll keep you posted.

Total Flanker said...

Good luck with that nursedude - I'd be more than happy to feature your match report here...:)

Nursedude said...

Hi Flanker, thanks!
Here is my brief report of my club's wins against Madison: