Tuesday, 4 March 2008

He's out!

Well...almost...but a demotion to the bench is probably the best we could have expected given his lovechild status...

For those wondering what I'm wittering on about, England have (at least at the start of the match) decided to do without the questionable talents of a certain Mr. Iain Ballsup when they take on the Sweaties in Edinburgh on Saturday.

Instead they've plumped for the exciting potential of Danny Cipriani in the fullback position - let's just hope he's not confused by the sight of all those men in kilts.

Other changes see Tom Croft replace the injured James Haskell on the blindside flank whilst Lee Mears replaces the Grotesque Clown at hooker (who drops out of the squad altogether).

Ballsup does manage to cling on to a place on the bench which does beg the question as to why in heaven's name James Simpson-Daniel was added to the squad on Sunday?

Then again, why on earth should I expect it all to make sense?

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