Sunday, 2 March 2008

Is Andy Gomarsall an idiot or what?

Erstwhile England scrum half Andy Gomarsall has, it seems, gone public with his frustrations at being dropped from the England set-up.

''I feel hard done by and that it is slightly unjustified that I got the bullet,'' Gomarsall told PA Sport.

''I looked at my performance against Italy and I thought I played well...and then I get pushed aside."

Gomarsall, it transpires, is not to blame. According to the Quins' number 9 the fault lies with the referee, who should have penalised Italy more at the breakdown and the England forwards, who should have produced more quick ball. It is also, it appears, the coaches' fault.

"If a coach can't put his finger on why the performance isn't good then you get the bullet. As a nine, it is just a fact of life.

''I think it is a bit of a cop-out to blame somebody for an area. We all want responsibility but they (the coaches) need to take some responsibility as well.

''What are they doing in training to make the team function better? As players, you can only do so much because you have to focus on your job. You can't do their job as well.''

It clearly has nothing to do with the fact that Gomarsall has played like a drain since returning from the World Cup and currently can't even make the Harlequins starting XV.

And, setting aside that he may indeed have a point when it comes to the England forwards and coaches, does he honestly believe that, by bleating to the press about how unjustly he feels he's been treated and by criticising the coaches, he is doing his chances of a recall any good? He can't be that stupid can he?

Save it for the autobiography.

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