Thursday, 20 March 2008

Season's swansong?

I've just returned from a session in the gym where I gave myself a bit of a beasting (ooeerr missus) in an attempt to make up for not having done any training since last Friday. Yes, I do realise that fitness doesn't work that way but, the way I look at it, it's better than doing nothing at all this week and it does help me delude myself into thinking that I'm in good enough shape to take part in Saturday's match against our local rivals aka the Vets team of Amersham & Chiltern Rugby Club.

I'm hoping to go well on Saturday, partly because of the keen rivalry between the two clubs but also because this could be my last outing of the season, our April fixture falling on a date when I know I'll be unavailable. I guess I could try to get a game for our 2nd XV on one of the other Saturday's in April but, failing that, this Saturday will be my season's swansong so it would be nice to go out with a decent performance and, dare I hope for it, a win.

This whole comeback business has been something of a strange experience - getting through the first game back in October was a huge relief, and to do so without getting hurt or making a complete prat of myself was an added bonus. Playing one fixture a month since then (although the December fixture was cancelled) has worked out well for me in many ways - it's given the body a decent chance to get over the battering it receives each game and it also means that the time I have to commit to playing is manageable from a family perspective. The downside is very much that it's virtually impossible to get "battle-hardened" or into any sort of playing rhythm - I feel like I'm starting from scratch each game - and from a team perspective it's really difficult to gel, which is why we're often bloody useless until half an hour into any game (or at least that's my excuse).

Still, I've really enjoyed getting back into the game - I honestly don't think you can beat the feeling of being part of a team. Here's hoping for decent game on Saturday. The weather forecast suggests that conditions will be dreadful - cold, wet and windy. Lovely - and you never know, it might just bring the opposition down to our level. Remember Murrayfield!

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