Thursday, 10 April 2008

Confused? You soon will be...

So, according to the RFU's Chief Executive Francis Baron, the proposed new England management structure will strengthen the team - i.e. a structure containing a team manager and an additional specialist coach, with the existing coaching team all retaining their positions (unless they choose not to).

No mention of Martin Johnson by name and certainly no prospect, it appears, of Johnno coming in as head coach with the right to hire and fire his own coaching team, as advocated by Sir Clive at the weekend.

This, apparently, is news to Johnno. According to the esteemed Daily Mail (who surely wouldn't make anything up, would they?), Johnno believes that he has agreed a deal to take complete charge of the national squad as head coach, a deal giving him him carte blanche over selecting his own team of specialist coaches. It even suggests that Johnno has had discussions with Shaun Edwards about a role with England.

Who knows what the truth may be, but the fact that Mr. Baron has also stated that Brian Ashton has been kept appraised of all ongoing discussions, despite the fact that it's been widely reported that Ashton is both bemused and angry about the lack of meaningful communication from the RFU, adds fuel to the thought that perhaps Mr. Baron is struggling to tell the difference between his gluteus maximus and his humeroulnar joint, as demonstrated by my highly useful diagram.

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