Tuesday, 22 April 2008

A former ex-player...I think

The observant among my two regular readers (not you, Mum) will certainly have noticed the subtle shift in the header of this blog.

"Of course," you say, "the header used to refer to Total Flanker as an 'over-the-hill ex(?) rugby player' - and now it says that he's an 'over-the-hill former ex-rugby player.' How very fascinating."

Calm down dear, the reason is obvious. When I started this blog nearly a year ago I really wasn't sure whether or not I'd ever play a game of full contact rugby again - after all, I hadn't played for over 13 years at that point and, although I'd thoroughly enjoyed playing Touch Rugby, I had absolutely no idea whether my body would stand up to the rigours of playing properly again. However, the idea of putting myself through the pain again was just beginning to germinate, as my second ever post entitled "So am I retired or what?" revealed, and for this reason my status as an ex-player was in doubt.

Fast-forward nearly 12 months and the situation is very different - having made a glorious comeback to the game (well, perhaps 'glorious' isn't the word - perhaps 'adequate' would be more appropriate), I can safely say that my days as an ex-player are now behind me, at least for now. Having only muddled through four games this season, however, I can hardly refer to myself as a current rugby player - I think it's only right and proper that such a title carries the responsibility of a certain level of commitment and of a week-on-week devotion to the cause. No, I think the most accurate way to describe myself now is that I used to be an an ex-player - in other words I'm now a 'former ex-rugby player'.

On a different note (and I've no idea how he'd describe himself), it seems that our friend Nursedude has come through another game with yet another victory as the Metropolis "Killer Bs" triumphed over their Green Bay equivalents at the weekend. Click here for the full story.


Nursedude said...

Flanker, your bring up a good question. As I did not start the game untill my mid 40's, I cannot be a has-been...I guess I am more of a never-was. I think that in the final analysis, you can call me a big kid with greying hair who refuses to grow up-even as I am on the cusp of grandfatherhood this summer.

Nursedude said...

PS-One of the best bumper stickers that I have seen in the States is one that says:"It is better to have played rugby and lost to have EVER won at softball"

In the US, Softball is the main sport that 40-something year old men do. Imagine cricket being played by octegenarians-THAT is what watching and playing softball is like.

Total Flanker said...

I had a go at playing softball in my twenties - it was the "in" thing to do for companies to organise softball teams to play in London parks to build camaraderie within the workplace. Not sure it ever really had that effect but it was a decent excuse to get together for a beer. As a sport it was pretty much the same thing as "rounders" which we used to play at primary school.