Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Roy's keen on All Blacks

Sunderland's footy manager and former Manchester United and Ireland legend, Roy Keane, is reportedly going to New Zealand this summer to study the All Blacks as part of his coaching education.

According to reports, Keane will spend about three days with New Zealand during their build-up their match against Ireland in Wellington on 7th June.

The idea, I guess, is that Keane will be able to obseve an elite sporting set up in action - something he's hardly likely to have witnessed during his time at Sunderland (as a Newcastle fan I would, of course, say that!).

It strikes me that New Zealand might just learn something from Keane's legendary aggression and I'm hoping that Keane will bring back to Sunderland a certain propensity for choking in big matches, preferably in the Tyne-Wear derbies.

I'd also hate to think what a Mackem haka might look like...


Nursedude said...

I have to say that Roy Keane, along with Wayne Rooney, are two footballers who I think would have been really good rugby players. They at least have the fighting spirit and mean streak to play the game.

Flanker, if you are part of the Toon Army, you should be a little bit encouraged about NU's play the last couple of weeks. For awhile, they were in free-fall.

Total Flanker said...

Given that Newcastle haven't won anything of note in the 37 years or so that I've been following them I tend to have fairly low expectations and was more or less resigned to relegation. The one thing you can say about life under Keegan though is that it'll never be boring!

Anonymous said...

Imagine Roy Keane as captain of a rugby side 2 points down and hot on attack with 5 minutes to go.

I think he’d have made sure a drop-goal got taken….