Friday, 4 April 2008

Sciatica dramatica

Just returned yesterday from a few days away with the kids - to my mother-in-law's oop north. All fairly uneventful really - other than a recurrence of the back problem that originally contributed to me giving up rugby some 14 years ago.

It was all fairly innocuous really. On Wednesday morning I woke up with a slightly sore right hip, something I put down to a 3 hour drive the previous day and sleeping in a different bed. I got up - no problem, went downstairs - no problem, made cups of tea - no problem, came back up - no problem and then, just as I was getting back into bed to drink my tea - POW! - an excruciating shooting pain just above my right buttock.

Bloody painful it was and I knew exactly what had happened as the sciatic nerve compressed and left me prostrate on the floor. Fortunately I do know a few exercises that bring a little relief and was able at least to get mobile again but, despite dosing up on ibruprofen, I struggled badly for the rest of the day. It left me physically unable to do very much with the kids and also in a really grumpy mood which didn't endear me to them at all and which later prompted my daughter to write a note to to herself which read "I hate Daddy most of the time." (!)

I'm afraid that this compression of the sciatic nerve just happens from time to time and there's no predicting what might trigger it. The original injury happened back in September 1993 when I got myself twisted at the bottom of a ruck and every now and again it re-occurs, the last time being about 3 years or so ago when I was helping to lift my then 2 year old son onto the toilet! That time I required weeks of physio to sort it out but, the pain having has eased off a little over the last 48 hours, I'm hoping that physio won't be required this time and am planning to get myself to the gym later today to work on some exercises to strengthen the lower back area and release some of the nerve compression.

Ironically I spoke to one of the guys at the rugby club earlier in the week who thought there was a good chance that I'd get a game for the 2nds before the season finishes, but I'll have to wait and see whether my back settles down before I can contemplate playing.

Of course, I'll also have to rebuild my relationship with my children!


anne bebbington said...

Having suffered from dreadful sciatica with my third pregnancy I'd also advise you to start a new relationship with a good chiropractor - worked for me

Total Flanker said...

Thanks - I might well take your advice Anne.

David said...

I swear by the powers of chiropractors too. If that fails there is always refereeing!

Nursedude said...

Hi Flanker, hope you are feeling better. Sciatic pain just sucks. Actually, Anne is onto something, a good Chiropractor is worth their weight in gold.

It's a tough call to keep playing, because there is the joy of playing the game, the competition and everything-but to be able to enjoy your kids and just to be pain free can not be overemphasized. Hang in there, pardner.

chowbird said...

I'm a 33 year old yank who played Rugby in college an semi-pro a few years after. I was asked to play in an alumni game a few months ago and thought it would be a good reason to help me get into shape. I worked out hard and even joined a local club to get back into the mindset. Last week we were scimmaging and I got caught from behind by te opposition. I dumped off the ball an we scored (it was a bloody brilliant pass). As I came to the ground I felt this burn from my ass down to my hammy. I had to leave the pitch. That night I woke uo to go to the pot and I couldn't even walk. In about ten minutes it got a little better and I fished my original intention. I went to the chiro 3x this week and it felt better but I just tried to run on grass today and it slowly returned. I really want to play in that alumni game in a week and my chiro says I'll be ready but I'm not sure I should play. Thoughts?