Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Tindall in the dock

It's being reported today that Mike Tindall has been charged with drink driving after being arrested on the M4 in Berkshire in March. "Iron Mike" was stopped by police on his way to Twickenham - where he was due to be a radio pundit for the England v Ireland match - at 11.00 am, and found to be over the limit.

This followed a rather boozy day at Cheltenham races the previous day where various reports suggest that Tindall and girlfriend Zara Phillips were seriously on the lash - and let's face it, they must have been for him still to be over the limit when stopped by police the following morning.

And all this while recovering from a seriously lacerated liver (prompting various "I could have died" headlines) suffered in the opening 6 Nations match against Wales at the beginning of February.

Mind you, Tindall has, over the years, established a formidable drinking reputation, even having had a crack, when returning from the 2003 World Cup triumph, at David Boon's 1989 record of drinking 52 in-flight cans of lager en route from Sydney to London. “You can rest assured David Boon’s record is still standing,” Will Greenwood said afterwards (Tindall is reported to have only managed 50). “Tinds had a real go at it but we wanted to leave the Aussies with at least one title to hang on to.”

All of which hopefully puts paid to the daft idea doing the rounds among some rugby pundits that Tindall will be the next England captain. Well, that and his inability to take and give a pass.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't realise he was a Freddie Flintoff character Total Flanker!