Tuesday, 15 April 2008

West London in referee outbreak

One of my former clubs, Ealing, has received a pat on the back from the RFU for their innovative programme to develop referees, hailed as “a model for other clubs to follow”.

The Ealing club referees section is believed to be the first of its kind in England and has won the RFU President’s XV award for More Referees (no, I wasn't aware that award existed either).

The section was set up three years ago to provide referees for matches and festivals in the mini, midi and youth sections, and to give aspiring referees help and support if they wished to progress to the London Society and higher levels. The result: 61 club members of all ages now qualified as RFU referees, 11 of which are also members of the London Society.

Apparently top English ref Wayne Barnes has been among those giving coaching to the Ealing section. The number of forward passes missed in games featuring Ealing's teams and the lack of penalties awarded to teams featuring forwards from New Zealand is, apparently, just a coincidence.

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Nursedude said...

Flanker, that is superhuman participation. As you can imagine, here in the US, that is one of the things hindering the growth of the sport, is lack of referees to occiate the matches. I know my club has at least 3 guys who are certified refs.(and several who are coaching high school teams) The willingness to officate is one of the great ways to give back to the game.