Monday, 12 May 2008

227 Shopping Days to Christmas...

You'd better get out a pen and paper and start writing your letter to Father Christmas right now because the must-have Christmas present this year is unlikely to be a Telly-tubby, a Buzz Lightyear or a Nintendo Wii (or another technological gizmo). No, the item that absolutely everyone in the civilised world will covet will undoubtedly be the forthcoming autobiography from Irish fly half Ronan O'Gara.

Yes, I'm referring to the breaking news that O'Gara has signed a deal reportedly worth "a healthy six-figure sum" to write his autobiography - or to be more accurate, to tell his ghost writer Denis Walsh what to write.

The book is expected to deal with a number of controversial topics including:

  • how Duncan McRae was unfairly treated after O'Gara had attacked the NSW's fly half's fist several times with his face on the 2001 Lions tour;
  • how all English Premiership players are "shoite";
  • how O'Gara rose above allegations of gambling addiction and marital problems in the French press during the World Cup to deliver world class performances for his country;
  • how all Leinster players are "gobshoites"; and
  • how O'Gara won a bet with his long-term half back partner Peter Stringer, worth "a healthy six-figure sum," that he could persuade some eejit to publish his autobiography.

The autobiography is due to be published in October 2008 and will be available from all good bookshops and quite a few rubbish ones as well. It is understood that all royalties from the book will be paid directly to a Mr P.Power Esq. of Dublin.

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Nursedude said...

Personally, I am waiting for Bernard Laporte's and Graham Henry's books on coaching your players to peak performance at the right time, as well as Dallalgio's book on getting along with management.