Thursday, 15 May 2008

Bean counter to blame

Theobald Grimm, an accountant at the RFU, today admitted that he was to blame for the current pay dispute between his employer and the England rugby team.

England players are currently paid £9,000 per game regardless of the result and are reportedly unhappy with RFU proposals to make pay more dependent on win bonuses and how the England team perform in the Six Nations and World Cup.

However, Grimm - who has worked at the RFU since qualifying as an accountant in 1898 - today confessed that it had been his idea in 2003 to get rid of win bonuses and pay the England players an upfront fee.

"Five years ago England were beating everyone they played," he said. "It occurred to me that we could save a few shillings by not paying win bonuses and by giving the players a lump sum instead. I took the idea to Francis Baron who nearly bit my hand off - he was delighted with the idea and soon claimed it as his own.

"Unfortunately the England team has been more or less rubbish ever since which has meant that we've effectively overpaid the players - we'd certainly have saved more if they'd been on a performance related package," he continued. "And sadly for me Mr. Baron now says that it wasn't his idea at all and the blame has been squarely laid at my door."

It is expected that Grimm, who is on a rolling one year contract, will be removed from his position shortly and offered the role of Head of Pocket Money for the England Under 16 squad.

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