Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The case for the Defence

A very big hand for Canada's Defence Minister Peter MacKay who played 40 minutes in his Rugby Canada Super League debut yesterday for the Nova Scotia Keltics.

The 42 year old MacKay struck a blow for us forty-somethings everywhere by turning out at inside centre for the Ketics against Super League rivals the Niagara Thunder.

MacKay, who apparently used to play rugby with former Canadian captain Morgan Williams, also showed that he is in the right job as, when he made his exit at half time, his team were only 9-0 down.

Unfortunately, however, whoever replaced MacKay in the centre will not be applying for a role at the Canadian Ministry of Defence anytime soon as the Keltics finished the match losing 49-5.

I somehow can't quite envisage the UK's Defence Minister, Des Browne, turning out on a rugby pitch - although the idea of blitz defence guru Shaun Edwards being appointed to the Ministry of Defence might just be worth considering.

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Nursedude said...

I am actually more impressed that a 42 year old has such an important job like Minister of defense. That said, even without the kevlar, the Minister looks like a solid dude who can take care of himself on the pitch.

On an unrelated note, thanks TF for the kind words about my Monday posting-it was a tough night, and my bulldog seems really depressed without his buddy.