Friday, 23 May 2008

Lost in translation

I describe this blog as "...a sideways look at the world of rugby by an over-the-hill former ex-rugby player..."

In homage to the Eurovision Song Contest which takes place this weekend and in an otherwise entirely pointless exercise, I therefore set out to find out how this might translate into other European languages (at least according to a combination of the Google and Babel Fish translation services):

So, in French it comes out as "...le côté un regard sur le monde du rugby par un au-delà de l'ancienne colline ex-joueur de rugby..."

While in Italian it's "...un lato guardare il mondo di rugby da un sopra-la-collina ex-ex-giocatore di rugby..."

And in Spanish we have "...un lado mirada al mundo de rugby por un exceso de la colina de ex-ex-jugador de rugby..."

Moving into Northern Europe, in German it's "...eine Seitwärtsbewegung Blick auf die Welt der Rugby durch eine über-dem-hügel ehemaligen Ex-Rugby-Spieler..."

While in Dutch it's "...zijdelingse blik op de wereld van rugby door een over-heuvel voormalige ex-rugby speler..."

And now for something entirely incomprehensible - in Russian we have "...боком взглянуть на мир по регби-за холма-бывший экс-игрок регби..."

And in Greek it comes out as "...το πλευρό κοιτάξουμε τον κόσμο του ράγκμπι από πέρα από τον λόφο πρώην πρώην παίκτης ράγκμπι..."

Although it's fair to say that it's all Greek to me.


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