Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Midas Touch

Victory! I must admit that I've been wanting to use that headline for a little while now but was beginning to think I might not have the opportunity. But last night changed all that as (and it shocks me to say it) our touch team played...erm...really rather well.

It helped that, unlike last week, we were up against a team against whom we were reasonably well matched, although the "Globetrotters" - as they're known - did thrash us 11-1 last summer. Admittedly they had lost one or two faces from last year and our team is definitely stronger, but what was particularly pleasing was the fact that we had learnt from our headless chicken efforts last week, worked hard and communicated well in defence and, for the most part, held on to the ball and used up our set of 6 touches each time we had the ball. It's a simple game - if you don't cough up possession and run hard and straight for the first 3 or 4 phases you make ground, put the opposition on the back foot and create space for your quicker players.

We also managed to rotate players much better than last week with the whole team aware that it was important to give everybody game time. And at this point I must give a big shout to the 2 girls in the team last night - Robyn and Steph - who worked their socks off for the whole 40 minutes with no relief available from the sidelines.

From a personal point of view it was far more satisfying than last week. It's not all about winning (although that helps), but to be able to get involved in carrying the ball regularly and even in providing a couple of scoring passes meant that I came away feeling I'd made a contribution and the beer afterwards tasted far better.
Final score: 6-3. Onwards and upwards?

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