Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Staying in Touch

Hold the front page, hang on to your hats and lock up your daughters (and other totally inappropriate expressions) because the Chairman's Stags last night won their second touch rugby match on the bounce for the first time since 2006!

To be fair our opponents, the splendidly named "Old Gitonians" did, despite their name, field a few touch rookies in their ranks and lacked a fairly crucial ingredient which we, with a few young whipper-snappers in the team, had in abundance - pace.

Nevertheless, for the most part we kept our discipline well and weren't tempted to try to play too wide too early - always a temptation when you sense that your team is quicker than the opposition's - opting instead to keep hold of the ball down the middle before releasing our quickies on the last couple of possessions.

It was far from perfect - too often the dummy half was left without attacking options, our final pass was often poor (and I hold my hand up to a couple of horrendously botched passes which I put down to over-excitement!) and we conceded a very sloppy try. I was also warned by the ref for "overly-aggressive touching" (!) which I again attribute to over-enthusiasm to take out man and ball (mind you, had I wanted to actually tackle the guy I might have knocked him into next week!).

Still, we have to be happy with a 7-1 victory and all in all I'd say we continued to build on the improvements we made last week.

Onwards and upwards...

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Nursedude said...

Hey TF, did you get a chance to watch any of the London 7's? I saw three of the finals on tape delay. I cannot even imagine playing 7's...I played in a 10 man game once a couple of years ago and thought I would puke a lung..

Are your rooting for Wasps or Leicester tomorrow at Twickenham?Or are you pure neutral just hoping for a good game?