Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Take Care

I like the look of Danny Care - not only has the 21-year-old scrum-half been in blistering form for Harlequins, he also appears to have an ideal temperament for his position, as his interview published in the Sunday Times revealed. For instance, in the recent Quins v Newcastle match there were a few fisticuffs between the 5ft 9in, 13 stone Care and none other than 6ft 4in 19 stone man-mountain Carl Hayman, after which Care admitted: “I told him that I picked him just to let the others know that I’m not going to be messed with."

He added: “You can see a glint in the eyes of big ball-carriers when they see you in the defensive line, and they’re thinking, ‘I’m going to run all over that little twat’. So, if I knock them over I let them know about it. As a No 9 you’ve got to be chippy and dish it out - and you’ve also got to be able to take it.”

Care's eye for a break and chippy arrogance remind me very much of a cross between Matt Dawson and Austin Healy (not a bad combination) and, with Harry Ellis looking like he'll be having further knee surgery this summer, a Care-Cipriani combo at half-back on England's New Zealand trip looks a very real and exciting prospect. Bring it on.

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thedawsons said...

Interesting - seems to think pretty much the same way I did at his age. He'll go a long way. I wonder if much of it will be by ambulanc - like it was for me!