Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Touch and Go

Although the Touch Rugby "season" at the rugby club doesn't start until next week, I was surprised but delighted to find out this morning that in fact informal practice sessions had already started - not only on Saturday mornings (which I already knew about) but also on Tuesday evenings. With Saturday mornings ruled out (it's when I take my son to his football training), I was beginning to think that I'd have to start "cold" next week - so to be able to turn up this evening and run around was an unexpected bonus.

The fact that it was also a gloriously warm sunny evening meant that conditions were pretty much ideal and it was great to get back into the swing of things. Yes, it was hard work; yes, it was exhausting; and yes, I can begin to feel myself seizing up even as I type this - but I played more or less non-stop for about 75 minutes, my fitness just about held up (proving that the time in the gym hasn't been entirely wasted) and, in patches, I even played reasonably well.

Speaking to the club's Chairman, who organises our Touch team in the competition, he's lined up a couple of real speedsters for the team - something we were sorely lacking last summer. Like Alan Shearer in his last few season's at St.James' Park, I feel I need others to do much of the running for me while I trundle along making a nuisance of myself!

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable evening's workout to whet the appetite for the weeks to come - there really is nothing better than throwing a rugby ball around with the sun on your back.


BigDai said...

I did enjoy reffing touch. It was interesting to see XVs players rock-up for summer training and having rings run around them by girls and waifs.
Having retired from play because of injury fears it was ironic that my worst career injury was 6 months out having busted ankle ligaments reffing touch.

Total Flanker said...

"...having rings run around them by girls and waifs..."

All too familiar I'm afraid!