Tuesday, 24 June 2008


The reputation of the England rugby squad suffered yet another blow today when it was revealed that one of the classy young kiwi ladies at the centre of the "high jinks" that took place in the Auckland Hilton on the night following the 1st Test was in fact duped into bed.

We can exclusively reveal that Sophie Lewis - aka "Angel Barbie" - the blonde who revealed at the weekend that she had romped with England winger David Strettle during "rugby's night of shame," has now sensationally claimed that she had believed that she was in fact bedding London Mayor Boris Johnson.

"I do get turned on by politicians," she revealed to our undercover reporter. "Power is a real aphrodisiac.

"When he approached me at the Pony Club and told me that he was the London Mayor I was so excited," she continued. "I couldn't believe that Boris Johnson would be interested in little old me."

"I was surprised that his body was pretty much a perfect 10. He was such an accomplished lover and we did it in every position imaginable - but I figured that was par for the course for such a powerful man."

"Imagine my distress when I found out later that I'd slept with an England rugby player. I just felt so ashamed."

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Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

he makes Phil Waugh look attractivein that photo...