Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Into Touch

Another game of touch rugby last night and I must say it was the quickest game I've played in all summer. Both teams just went for it from the off - charging up the middle with quick play-the-balls then spreading possession wide. When the ball was turned over the restart was instant, with no time to pause for breath, meaning that the first 5 or 6 minutes flew by with zero respite and with no opportunity to sub myself off - bloody hard work but I managed to cope ok and finally managed to drag myself off the pitch for a breather.

We were up against a side optimistically called the Barbarians - like us a mix of youngsters and slightly more mature players - and the 2 teams were pretty well matched and boasted similar records. Where we had the advantage was that our young'uns were quicker than their young'uns - one of our guys in particular, Carl, is lightening quick and has a mightily effective, if slightly unorthodox, sidestep which appears to allow him to change direction whilst in mid-air. Given the ball in a bit of space against a retreating defence and he's pretty much unstoppable. Teach him to pass and tackle and he could be a pretty decent rugby player.

Anyway, Carl ran in 4 of our 8 tries as we won 8-4 - so was probably the difference between the 2 sides. My own contribution included a lot of hard work in defence, making a fair few "hard yards" up the middle and providing 3 scoring passes but, sadly yet again, no try. Still, I'd say that's probably the best the team has played and was the most enjoyable game of the summer so far. As for scoring a try, there's always next week - the last game of the "season" (unbelievably) - when we play the "Tag Nuts" (who look a pretty decent outfit).

I also had a chat with the club's fixtures secretary in the bar afterwards who informed me that there are already 6 Vets fixtures on the schedule for next season with possibly 3 or 4 more to be added. That also brought up the rather frightening prospect of pre-season training starting in a few weeks. Gulp!

Onwards and upwards...

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